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AL Tamiuz Sports consulting

The establishment of Al-tamiuz for academic and sports consultations is important for the role it plays for civil society. As an office, it serves the civil society and contributes to the wheel of comprehensive development of all members of society with its scientific, practical and pedagogical fields. Al-tamiuz was established to meet the modern

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 Training courses held Kuwait Football Association


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Prof/ Abdullah Alghassab

Chairman AL Tamiuz


Prof / Badi Al-Dossary

Deputy Chairman of the Board


Dr / Nawaf alghassab

General Coordinator


Mr / Walid Atiya

 IT Director

Eng / Mamdouh Azmy

Head of technical services

Eng / Mostafa Ahmed

Web Devolper

Eng / Lubna Sultan

Graphic Designer

Eng / Ayaat

Graphic Designer

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AddressOffice 412 -Al-Rehab Complex
Tunisia St – Kuwait City


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