About Al-Tamiuz

The establishment of Al-tamiuz for academic and sports consultations is important for the role it plays for civil society. As an office, it serves the civil society and contributes to the wheel of comprehensive development of all members of society with its scientific, practical and pedagogical fields. Al-tamiuz was established to meet the modern society’s needs to have institutions and specialized bodies which offer help, advice and prepare  long-term and short-term programs that aim to qualify the scientific and practical cadres in order to enhance the acquisition of cultural elements and spread awareness among members of society and related institutions. Altamiuz also aims to provide scientific and practical advisory and consulting services based on knowledge and previous studies of experts and specialists in the field of physical education and other related fields that elevate the recreational, educational, cultural and sport levels of community members.


Al-Tamiuz is considered one of the modern consulting offices which includes a group of scientists and experts in different sport fields from different countries who have academic and practical experience in the sport fields. This consulting office provides a comprehensive and integrated range of educational services through the council of experts; which consists of 7 professors in sports and academic field. The establishment of this office, therefore, was necessarily to keep up with the global growth in the sport sector, which includes many disciplines such as sports training, health sciences, management and recreational sport, teaching and others.

This office is ready to assist you in the process of preparation to engage in all the above-mentioned disciplines starting from the perceptions and ideas stage to implementation process in the educational and sport institutions. We are confident that choosing us as a partner in self-development will guarantee you high and effective quality and distinctive success when engaging in the work of educational and sport institutions.


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