Al-Tamiuz for sport consulting and fitness measurement.

Our vision

To pay a serious attention to the professional and personal development of individuals and employee of sport and educational organizations to elevate their level of performance based on scientific and international quality standards and the latest contemporary philosophical and scientific trends. We aim to be the first choice in the Arab and international world.

Our mission

To pay a serious attention to the preparation of training programs to refine competencies for those who are working in the field of physical education and sports, according to the latest scientific trends to meet the needs of the labor market. The series attention will be given through providing workers with the latest types of knowledge associated with the nature of performance in their work and developing their skills as well as providing them with expertise and novel ideas in the field. In addition, providing scientific consultations in the field of research and studies that contribute to the effectiveness of management in all areas of work in physical education and sport.


Al-Tamiuz for sports consulting and fitness measurement aims to provide all scientific advice to individuals, institutions, organizations associated with the areas of physical education and sport, and it aims to do so by targeting the following objectives:

  • Designing in-service training programs for qualifying individuals in the field of physical education and sport then presenting these programs sessions through training courses to hone individuals’ professional skills in physical education, sport organization and institutions.
  • Providing academic consultations in conducting research for postgraduate students in the field of physical education and sport.
  • Offering advice and expertise to institutions, companies and bodies interested in the field of organizing and managing sport events, festivals and competitions associated with competitive sports and recreational sport/ sport for all.
  • Developing the knowledge associated with the areas of physical education, competitive sports, and sports for all through the preparation of scientific articles, pamphlets and brochures that enrich the knowledge in these areas.
  • Organizing scientific conferences on topics, issues, and challenges related to the development of physical education and sport.
  • Conducting feasibility studies and research projects in marketing and advanced services in the field of physical education and sport.
  • Organizing sports training camps inside and outside Kuwait. The process of organizing this will be through site selection and providing accommodations for players and officials of sports teams and the organization of sport friendly, local and international meetings that the training camp is designed for.
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